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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


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As part of our work towards getting the Silver Award for Food for Life, all year groups have been growing their own food. In Year 5, we are growing, lettuce, French beans, broad beans, carrots, beetroot, kale and radishes. We will plant them in our kitchen garden when they are large enough.

Enrichment - Cooking 

Tudor Biscuits 

In DT we had to make Tudor Knot Biscuits. We had a lot of fun and they tasted quite nice.

Tudor Play 


In our topic of Marvellous Mixtures, we were challeng3ed to separate a mixture of, sand, sugar, salt, pasta, paper clips and cubes. We only had a paper plate to help us. We had a lovely, messy time trying to put everything back into the original groups of materials.

British Science Week

In British Science Week we were challenged to work in groups to make a tower taller than the tallest person in the group. It also had to be waterproof and wind proof. We only had card, string, tape, plastic sheeting and bamboo sticks. We really enjoyed the challenge. Mrs Hendrix used her hairdryer to replicate the wind, and Mrs Hough tipped watering cans of water over the structures we built. It was fun

Enrichment - Cooking 

In one of our enrichment units, we learned how to cook an apple crumble. We then adapted the recipe and made savoury crumbles. We preferred the apple crumble!

Building Bridges 

In DT we had to build bridges. We studied lots of different bridges and then designed and made our own.


World Food Day 

As part of our work towards getting the Silver Award for Food for Life, all year groups have been cooking and learning about Healthy Eating.

Hello and welcome back to a new school year in Year 5 2021/2022.


Staff for this year group are:

Mrs Hendrix – Class Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Kapur – Class Teacher and PE lead Teacher

Mrs Hough – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr Cartwright – Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chahal – Level 2 Teaching assistant


Dates will follow throughout the year. Our termly newsletter will provide you with updates on key dates for your diary and our topics for that term.

We are more than happy to speak to you before or after school if you have any questions. We can also be contacted through the class dojo system.

Many thanks.

Year 5 team.

Please take a look through our previous our Year 5

Year Five Autumn Term 2020

It’s lovely to be back at school again!

The children have settled in well in both classes, and Mrs Hendrix and Mr Kapur are delighted with the progress that the children are making. They have worked hard to get back into the routines and seem really happy to be back at school.

The children took part in a variety of team building activities, when they returned to school. This was to help them to settle into their new classes, and to help them to re-connect with their classmates.

Then we spent time learning about our local football teams: Wolves; West Bromwich Albion; Walsall; Aston Villa: Birmingham City and Darlaston Town. We were fortunate to have the coaches from West Bromwich Albion to come and work with us, and the chairman of Darlaston Town came to tell us about the history of the club. We also had our own football tournaments which took part between the different houses.

The children are now part of a ‘House’ system, in which they work together to gain dojos and prizes for their houses. The Houses will also raise money for charity across the year.

We have recently planted winter vegetables in our new kitchen garden. Once the vegetables have grown and been harvested, they will be cooked in our kitchen and the children will be able to taste the food that they’ve grown. This is part of the work the school is doing to raise awareness of where our food comes from.

Team Building - Building Bridges

Team Building - Egg Rocket

Football Tournament

Meeting the coaches


Anglo Saxon and Viking day Friday 31st January 2020

As part of our History topic – Anglo Saxons and Viking Invasions, we had a visit from Erik the Viking himself! Year 5 took part in a whole day of exciting learning about life in the Anglo Saxon and Viking times. We were able to wear, use and hold replicas of tools, jewellery, shields and clothing from those times and gain a better understanding of how life used to be. We were very glad to see so many parents come and join us for the first hour too! The children had a fantastic day and learnt so much more about this topic.


Year 5 Animal Lady Thursday 7th November 2019

We were very lucky today to have a close up encounter with many animals who originate from the Brazilian Rainforest, as part of our Rainforest topic. We all had the opportunity to hold and stroke these fantastic creatures up close. Thank you to all the parents who attended. We really learned a lot of new information and had a fantastic experience.

Black History Month - Year 5


In Year 5, we learned about the important black figures who spent their lives trying to change attitudes towards colour. We focussed on the truly inspiring story of black football players in England. During the 1978-1979 season, West Bromwich Albion were the first top flight football team in the English league to regularly field 3 black players; Laurie Cunningham, Cyrille Regis and Brendan Batson. Their manager, Ron Atkinson, named them the 3 Degrees, after the famous girl band of the time. They overcame racist abuse on and off the pitch, and paved the way for black players in our English game today.

The children all made posters after learning about how charities such as ‘Kick it Out!’ and ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ are working to improve knowledge and understanding of racism and to show how it has no place in modern society.

South Fields Farm visit – Year 5 10th September 2019

As part of our Food for Life whole school topic, we were the first year group to be given the experience of visiting a working farm in Coleshill in Birmingham. We had the most fantastic time; finding out about how crops are ground to make flour and rape seed oil, feeding sheep, understanding how maize is grown and having a walk through a maze made from maize!

We also got the opportunity to groom donkeys, stroke chickens and sheep and see how a farm actually works on a day to day basis. We got to participate in pond dipping and mini beast hunting, and also went on a fabulous tractor ride through the fields.

Farmer John was so informative about food growing and harvesting, and we learned so much in a short space of time. It was a truly valuable experience.

Autumn Term Newsletter

Hello and welcome back to a new school year in Year 5. Staff for this year group are:

Mrs Grainger – Class Teacher and Phase 2 leader

Mr Kapur – Class Teacher

Miss Moore & Mrs Hough – Teaching assistants

You are always welcome to attend our launch events and show and tell assemblies. Dates will follow throughout the year. Our termly newsletter will provide you with updates on key dates for your diary and our topics for that term.

We are more than happy to speak to you before or after school if you have any questions. We can also be contacted through the class dojo system.

Many thanks.

Year 5 team.

Summer Term Newsletter

On 12th June Year 5 visited Dudley Castle and Zoo as part of our Medieval History and English Horror story topics. We spent the morning walking around the Zoo meeting the many wonderful animals who inhabit the castle grounds, then later we were treated to a scary Ghost walk. It is believed that Dudley Castle is the most haunted building in the West Midlands and the guide showed us several locations around the castle including the Keep and the Buttery where ‘strange’ things have been reported to have happened. After this we were taken to the crypt to hear the stories of some of the most famous ghosts, including the Grey Lady, the Drummer Boy and John Sommery. Everyone had a fantastic day despite the rain and all left with some great inspiration for out horror stories.

On Tuesday 15th January, Year 5 had an exciting launch to their Rainforest topic when we had a visit from The Animal Man (actually, it was a lady!) who brought along some real life wild animals for us to look at – and in some cases even touch! She gave information about each animal including which type of animal it was (amphibian, mammal, bird etc), its diet, where in the Rainforest you’d be likely to find them, i.e. forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent layer and what special features it had for coping with living in the Rainforest. She also took lots of questions. Some of the animals we could stroke and some we could hold – if we were brave enough! The Honey Bear was very cute and was most people’s favourite; she showed us how it could climb up the monkey bars in the hall. Parents were invited to attend, to help them to learn about Rainforest animals alongside the children. They were very scared of the Tarantula though!!!

Year 5 Spring Newsletter

Year 5 Autumn 1 Newsletter

Show and Tell Home Learning projects 6th July 2018

Thanks to all those parents who came to witness our Year 5 show and tell session.

We thought your home learning projects on the Medieval Times were outstanding.

Many thanks to all parents and families who helped their child to create their masterpieces.


Year 5 staff

Year 5 have been working hard on the Darlaston Community Allotments. New photos will be added weekly to this site

Here are some photos of the children clearing weeds, throwing seed bombs, and planting our growing sunflowers in the Forest Area at school.

We are really enjoying our time on the allotments, and are learning lots about how to grow and look after vegetables and plants.

Year 5 Summer Term News letter



British Science Week and Family Homework project ‘Show and Tell’ session


On Friday 23rd March, Year 5 parents were invited to our British Science Week and Family Homework Project ‘Show and Tell’ session. We were very excited to see so many parents turn up to spend some time with their children. Parents were able to look around the different homework projects the class had completed, and look at the work from British Science Week on Cloning. The parents commented on how impressed they were by the high quality of work they could see in the books and around the classrooms, as well as the creativity the families had shown in creating their projects.

The responses we had from parents about being invited into school was very positive, and the children all loved having them join us to showcase theirs and their parents’ talents.

Many thanks to those parents who managed to join us. Look out for more opportunities to come into school and spend time with your child in the near future.

Year 5 staff.

World Book Day - March 2018

We took part in World Book Day and read the story of Charlie Small and Pirate Galleon. This was a book about a boy who is kidnapped by vicious lady pirates. We all had a wonderful day walking the plank, making pirate hats, making pirate puppets and making pirate passports.

Have a look at our photos and see if you can spot your own terrible pirate!!!!