Ventus House Charity 2022 – 2023


This year the houses chose to raise money for various disability charities. Each house found a charity that has close links to some of the pupils in the school.


Ventus’s house charity this year is: National Deaf Children’s Society.


The National Deaf Children’s Society, are the leading charity for deaf children. They work with every deaf child who needs them – no matter what their level or type of deafness or how they communicate. They give expert support on childhood deafness, raise awareness and campaign for deaf children’s rights, so they have the same opportunities as everyone else.

The National Deaf Children’s Society believe


  1. Deaf children can do anything other children can do, given the right support from the start.
  2. Effective language and communication skills lie at the heart of deaf children and young people’s social, emotional and intellectual development.
  3. Families are the most important influence on deaf children and young people, and need clear, balanced information to make informed choices.
  4. Deaf children should be involved in decisions which affect them as early as possible.
  5. Deaf children should be valued by society and have the same opportunities as any other child.




Ventus are looking forward to raising money for our chosen charity through a range of activities and house competitions.


Please see below the House charity poster created by our House Captain, Shay.


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