Weekly Class Merits 



Weekly Attendance

The overall attendance for W.E 08.12.23 is 89.2% 

The class with the highest of 96% is Mrs Kainth's class in Year 5. Well done!

The winning class will hold the attendance trophy, the weekly certificate and each child has a Dojo.


Autumn term 1 Attendance - 93.5% 

RMC - 93.1
RNC - 89.9
Y1 RM - 91
Y1 SH - 95.7
Y2 MR - 94.7
Y2 SB - 93.8
Y3 GMC - 95.1
Y3 RG - 96.2
Y4 ED - 91.4
Y4 RT - 91.5
Y5 SA - 93.8
Y5 CK - 93.9
Y6 HS - 95.4
Y6 CD - 93.1

Term 1 is below target for whole school attendance, we will continue work close with families next term to support working towards our school target of 97%


Well done and thank you to all children, still with 100%


Miss Guest's class in year 3 will be rewarded with their choice of activity as they have the highest attendance this term.



Outstanding Attendance


Congratulations to one of our Year 6 2021 leavers Molly Gwilt for achieving 100% attendance in each year at King's Hill. 

Congratulations to another two of our Year 6 2022 leavers Ashleigh and James Holmes for achieving 100% attendance in each year at King's Hill.

This is a fantastic achievement which will be talked about around school as an encouragement to others.

Well Done Molly, Ashleigh and James, Enjoy your rewards!