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What are governing bodies for?

Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country and their overall purpose is to help schools raise standards and provide the best possible education for their students.

How does the governing body work?

The Governing Body works as a group, taking collective responsibility for all decisions. Governors work in close partnership with the Head teacher who, as the lead professional, advises and assists the Governing Body to carry out its functions. The Governing Body includes people with a wide range of skills, experience and backgrounds, all of whom have equal status and rights as Governors. Governors are encouraged to broaden and develop their skills, knowledge and confidence through engaging in training opportunities.

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

Each governing committee meets once each term to discuss key areas such as student performance, the curriculum, staffing, finance, premises and health and safety. It is important for Governors to get to know the school and its staff, which they do by regularly visiting and attending school events and open days whenever possible.  Governors take on specific roles linked to aspects of the school’s development plan and with members of the Senior Leadership Team.

What are the roles of the governing body?

To challenge and support the Head teacher.
To oversee the school’s long-term vision, strategic aims, values and ethos.
To carry out statutory responsibilities, such as safeguarding.
To agree and monitor plans and policies.
To make creative use of available resources.
To monitor and evaluate performance.
To ensure proper financial management of the school.
To communicate openly with parents, staff and the local community.
Our governing body

Our governing body for the federation is made up of nine members;


Executive Head Teacher

Mrs N. Matharu

Local Authority Governor / Chair of Governors

Mr M. Fox

Staff Governor

Mr B. Gibson

Co-opted Governor/Vice-Chair

Mr J. Baugh

Co-opted Governor

Mrs S. Giles

Co-opted Governor

Mrs S. Dell

Co-opted Governor


Parent Governor

Mrs C. Jones

Parent Governor

Mrs R. Hussain


Please find below pen portraits fo our Governors, introducing themselves;



Kings Hill Primary School

We have also provided the Governing Body Membership for your information.

For your information a copy of the Governing Body Committee Structure is attached below along with an attendance register of Governing Body Meetings.

In response to the requirement to report any member of staff earning over £100,000, the governors would like to make the following statement; 

At King's Hill Primary, governors can confirm that no members of staff have an earning of over £100,000.