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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

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Hello and welcome back to a new school year in Year 4 2022/2023.

Staff members for this year group are:

Mrs Grainger – Class Teacher and Phase 2 Leader

Miss Davies – Class Teacher

Mrs Ferns – Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Johal – Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Begum – Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Wednesday to Friday)


It is lovely to have the children back in school after the summer holidays. They have all Settled really well into their new classes and are already working very hard. Dates will follow throughout the year. Our termly overview letter will provide you with updates on key dates for your diary and our topics for that term. We are more than happy to speak to you before or after school if you have any questions. We can be contacted through the class dojo system if you have any problems that you would like to discuss with us.


Many thanks.

Year 4 team.

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British Science Week

Year 4 Assembly - Diwali 

Hello and welcome back to a new school year in Year 4 2021/2022. We are all looking forward to having a very successful year, getting to know your children and liaising with you as parents.


Staff for this year group are:

Mrs Grainger – Class Teacher and Phase 2 Leader

Mrs Sunner – Class Teacher

Mrs Ferns – Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mr Waring – Level 3 Teaching Assistant


Dates will follow throughout the year. Our half-termly newsletter will provide you with updates on key dates for your diary and our topics for that term.

We are more than happy to speak to you before or after school if you have any questions. We can also be contacted through the class dojo system.

Many thanks.

Year 4 team.

Please take a look through our previous Year 4 

World Book Day 6th March 2021– Year 4


Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson


For World Book Day Year 4 staff decided to do something a little different! As we were working remotely, staff thought it might be a nice idea to not only read the story, but act it out as well! Take a look at our video, I don’t think we will be winning any Oscars any time soon! Year 4 Staff

September 2020 – Year 4 Team is Everything!!!!


We were so happy to welcome the children back to school after a very difficult lockdown period. As a way of settling back into school, we decided to use the first couple of weeks in September as a whole school learning experience. We all learned about local football teams, and produced some very interesting fact files about them. We had a football tournament in our new School Houses, and we were extremely lucky (not if you are a Walsall or a Wolves fan!!) to have coaches from West Bromwich Albion Football Club into school to discuss how they tackle diversity and equality at a Premier League level. We had a fantastic time and it was a brilliant way to get back into the swing of school. Have a look at some of our photos. Year 4 team

Year 4 - Autumn 1 2020


It’s so wonderful to be back at school again!

The children have settled in well in both classes. Mrs Grainger and Miss Gaddu are extremely impressed at how hard the children have worked to get back into the school routines and children seem really happy to be back at school.

At the beginning of September, the children took part in a variety of team building activities, such as building the highest card tower and the egg rocket challenge and many other fun team building games. This was to help the children to settle into their new classes, and to help them to re-connect with their peers.

After, we spent time learning all about our local football teams: Wolves; West Bromwich Albion; Walsall; Aston Villa: Birmingham City and Darlaston Town. We were very fortunate to have the coaches from West Bromwich Albion to come into school and work with us. They taught children about the diversity WBA founded and promote at their football club. The children also took part in some football drills with the coaches. We were even more lucky, as the chairman of Darlaston Town came to tell us about the history of the football club. The children also had their own football tournaments which took part between the different houses.

The children are now part of a ‘House’ system, in which they work together to gain house dojos and prizes for their houses. The Houses will also raise money for charity across the year.

We have recently planted winter vegetables in our planters on the playground. Once the vegetables have grown and have been harvested, they will be cooked in our kitchen and the children will be able to taste the food that they’ve grown themselves. This is part of the work the school is doing to raise awareness of where our food comes from.

We hope you like the pictures we have uploaded of our activities, and look forward to updating you on our adventures across the year.


The Year 4 Team


Cadbury World Trip – Thursday 12th December 2019

As part of our Geography topic – Brum Brum, Lets Go! (Birmingham), Year 4 went to Cadbury World to explore one of Birmingham’s largest landmark and tourist attraction. Year 4 participated in a whole day of exciting learning about the history of Cadbury and how it developed right here in Birmingham. We participated in many talks about John Cadbury – the founder of Cadbury, and his family. Throughout, the day the children wrote their names in chocolate and got the chance to experience a 4D cinema at the factory! It was a fun filled day and the children took learnt much valuable knowledge and information about their topic.

Welcome back to another exciting school year!


After a long, hard year in KS1 last year, the children will now take another step up the school ladder and move up into KS2 and into Year Four. We will continue the hard work from last year and prepare the children for the coming years in KS2. The Year Four team who will be helping your children on their school journey this year are:


Mrs Taheir – Class Teacher

Miss Gaddu – Class Teacher

Mrs Taylor – Teaching assistant

Mrs Brown – Teaching assistant

Mr Cartwright – Teaching assistant


We have been fortunate enough to start this half term with a twist and as a school explored Southfields Farm to extend our learning of our Topic ‘Food for life’.


To launch our ‘Food for life’ topic we looked at the children story book ‘Carla’s Sandwich’, written by Debbie Herman. Which is about a young girl who brings a variety of unique sandwiches into school. The children learned about where our food comes from, what it means to have a healthy diet including the five main food groups. Then children had to design their very own unique sandwich, we had some amazing ideas. We then set them the challenge of creating their own sandwiches in the parent workshop in September. We had some very interesting and unique sandwiches! To challenge the children we set them a task of researching what different breads were called in different languages. The children found some interesting results, for example, bread is called ‘focaccia’ in Italian and ‘brotchen’ in German!


To give the children a true experience of seeing how things grow we went on a school visit to Southfields Farm. We experienced feeling different crops and seeds and learning about how these grow. The children were then given the chance to use the milling machine to turn wheat into flour. We also had the opportunity to go pound dipping and mini bug hunting, which the children loved! The children were then given the chance to see, feed and even stroke lots of different animals on the farm.


This Autumn One term in topic children will be focusing on rivers, the features of the different parts of a river, the different rivers countries have and discovering where we can find water. In Science we will be learning all about living things and their habitats, children will be look at the vertebrate and invertebrate animal groups. In English we will be looking at the ‘Iron Man’ and descriptive writing.


This term, Year Four PE will take place on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school. Also, Year Four will have swimming on Thursday mornings, please ensure your child has a swimming kit.


Homework, home reading and practicing times tables is a very important part of Year Four children’s school work. Could we please ask that you support us by ensuring that your child has completed their homework and return it to school. Also, please can you ensure that your child is reading at home to an adult every day and that this is recorded into their reading diaries. Spellings will be set every week according to the National Curriculum and will be sent home to practice ready for a spelling test the following week. Times tables are a crucial part of the Year Four curriculum, as Year Four children will have a formal times table test at the end of the year. Therefore, it is very important that your child is practicing their times tables on a regular basis, this can be done online through TT Rockstars, children have been provided with a login for this.


Please feel free to come and see us, or contact us via class



Many thanks for your consistent co-operation.


Year Four team.

1st prize winners

We are proud to announce our Year 4 children who took part in the Multi-sports skills event on Tuesday 5th March.

We achieved 1st place! Well done!


Year 4 Oceans

Year 4 began the year by learning all about Oceans for our ‘Polar Express’ topic. Over the week we investigated the implications of sea levels rising. We used search engines to find information to create a fact file on different ocean creatures. Children used atlases to locate the five oceans. We enjoyed using water paints to create an ocean setting for our collage creatures. We hope you enjoy looking at our work.

Year 4 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 4 Allotments

Every Thursday this half term, children in year 4 have had the opportunity to learn and develop a range of skills. They have the opportunity to understand how different fruits, vegetables and plants grow at different times of the year.


Year 4 have prepared beds to plant new seeds and bulbs by removing weeds and watering the soil, to make it more moist and nourished ready for the seeds to grow. Children have used a range of tools to help them with their gardening skills. They have tasted pumpkin soup and made apple bird feeds.

Year 4 Brum Brum Let’s Go

To launch our Topic in September, Year 4 walked to the Walsall Canal to develop an understanding of what canals are and what the main purpose of them maybe. To begin with children were unfamiliar and showed little understanding but soon found out, canals are man-made and were used in the past to transport goods and waste to different places in the UK.


During this Topic, children also found out about famous people from Birmingham. The most famous, being John Cadbury and The Lunar Society.

Year 4 Autumn 1 Newsletter

World Book Day 01.03.18