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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

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Welcome back to another exciting school year!


After a long, hard SAT’s year last year the children will now take another step up the school ladder into Year Three. This year we will continue the hard work from last year and prepare the children for the coming years in KS2. The Year Three team who will be helping your children on their school journey this year are:


Mrs Hendrix – Class Teacher – Assistant Head

Mrs Chote – Class Teacher

Mrs Begum – Teaching assistant

Mr Cartwright – Teaching assistant

Mrs Stawicki – Teaching assistant



We have been fortunate enough to start this half term with a twist and as a school explored Farms and looked at the Topic ‘Food for life’.


To launch our ‘Food for life’ topic we looked at the children story book ‘Supertato’. The children then had to design their very own potato superhero, we had some amazing ideas. Once the children had thought of and created their very own superhero we then set them the challenge of composing their very own piece of superhero theme music, we found out we have some budding Mozart’s in the class!!1


To challenge the children even more we set them a task of researching what different fruits were called in different languages. The children found some amazing results, for example, and apple is called ‘Manzana’ in Spanish and ‘Mela’ in Italian.


To give the children a true experience of seeing how things grow we went on a school visit to Southfields Farm. We experienced feeling different crops and seeds that most of the children had never seen before. The children then were given the chance to use the milling machine to turn wheat into flour. Farmer John told us that straw comes from left over wheat crops and hay comes from grass. We also had the opportunity to go pound dipping and mini bug hunting which the children loved. The children were then given the chance to see, feed and even stroke lots of different animals on the farm.


This Autumn One term in topic children will be focusing on major rivers of the world, the countries/continants that they’re in and how they impact on humans. In Science we will be learning all about plants and how things grow. In English we will be looking at Quest Stories and Poetry.


This term, Year Three PE will be split up onto two different days with Mrs Hendrix’s class having it on Monday afternoon and Mrs Chotes class having it Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school.


Also, homework and home reading is a very important part of Year Three children’s school work. Could we please ask that you support us by ensuring that your child has completed their homework and returned it to school by the following Thursday after receiving it, and that they are reading at home to an adult every day and that this is recorded into their reading diaries. Spellings will be set every week according to the National Curriculum and will be sent home to practice ready for a spelling test the following week.


As well as the homework set each week we ask you to support the children’s topic learning by creating something around the topic of Rivers for a ‘Family Home Learning Project’. It can be a model, painting, a fact-file, a poem etc. We look forward to seeing the projects and, also yourselves when you come to see the projects on the day chosen.


Please feel free to come and see us, or contact us via class



Many thanks.


Year 3 team.

Remembrance Day 2018

Children have been busy learning all about Remembrance Day. They have been learning about why Remembrance Day is important to all of us and why we wear a poppy at this time of year. Children and year three staff put together a performance which was shared with other children in the school, to pass on what we had learned.

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