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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

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Roman workshop

We took part in a Roman filled day and found out about the invasion. We had the opportunity to look at a range of artefacts and investigated how they may have been used. We had the opportunity to draw some of these artefacts. We played a game with marbles, which was popular during this period of time. We looked at a range of   writing materials and cotton spinning tools used. We used mosaic pieces to create examples of Roman mosaics. We really enjoyed trying on the Roman armour and dressing up as soldiers.

DT Sandwich snacks

Healthy snacks

During Spring term 2 we explored healthy sandwiches. We had the opportunity to taste different breads. We designed a healthy sandwich, ensuring it is part of a balanced diet.

We then worked in pairs to cut, slice and grate different ingredients. We used a table knife to spread margarine on to the tiger bread. We chose tiger bread because that was our favourite bread.

Once we had made our sandwich, we tasted it and evaluated it