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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

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Week 1- Hip Hop Dancing

Year 2 started off by doing a fun warm up where they had to stretch their arms and legs.

Year 2 were learning about hip hop dancing today where they practiced different hip hop dancing techniques and skills. They all learnt a fun a dance routine to the song "That's What I Like".


Week 2- Salsa Dancing

This week, Year 2 learnt about Salsa dancing.

They started off with an easy warm up where they participated in static and dynamic stretching which are included for an overall body warm up. Year 2 learnt how to salsa dance with a fun tutorial by Spotty Dotty. They even had to pair up with a partner and dance together following the step by step routine.


Week 3- Bollywood Dancing

This week, Year 2 learnt about Bollywood dancing.

Year 2 started off with a simple warm up designed to elevate their heart rate in preparation for Bollywood dancing. Year 2 learnt how to Bollywood dance with an upbeat ‘Welcome to Bollywood’ dance routine by Les Mills. Bollywood dancing requires lots of movements from your hands, feet, face and neck. Every dance move is significant, right down to the fingertips.


Week 4- Tap Dancing

This week, Year 2 learnt about Tap dancing.

Year 2 started off with a stretching warm up to help their bodies become and remain flexible so they are able to move joints and muscles in a full range of motion.

Year 2 learnt how to tap dance by watching a beginner level tap steps routine. A few of the basic tap steps which year 2 practiced were: toe taps, flaps, heel stamp and shuffle


Week 5- Rock & Roll dancing

For the final week, Year 2 learnt about Rock and roll dancing dancing. They participated in a dance routine to ‘We will rock you’ where they stamped their feet, clapped their hands and used all their muscles and joints to dance. They even sang along to the song.

Welcome to Year 2!

Staff members in Year 2

Teachers - Miss Gaddu and Miss Roberts

Support Staff - Miss Akhter and Miss Zia


Welcome back to another exciting school year! All of the Year Two children have settled into their new classes very well and are transitioning well into the Year Two routine.


To start the school term, we have focused on a range of different types of art such as storytelling and 2D mark making. We have written a story together, created collages and experimented with paints. We were fortunate to go and explore a range of art and take part in art activities at the New Walsall Art Gallery. We had lots of fun creating animals from plasticine and portrait sculptures from Modroc!


We have had a very fun and busy first few weeks back at school! Our Geography topic this term is: How does the weather affect our lives?, the children will be learning about the different weather types, the seasons we experience throughout the year and have kept their own weather log. The children have created artwork linked to the different weather types and even used musical instruments to create the sounds of different weathers. In Science, we have been finding out about habitats. Maths this term focuses on number and place value.


PE will take place on Mondays for both classes. Please ensure children wear PE kit on this day.


Homework and Reading is a very important part of Year Two children’s school work. Could we please ask that you support us by ensuring that your child has completed their homework and returned it to school by the following Thursday. Also, please ensure that your child is reading at home to an adult every day. Please record this in their reading diaries and return this back to school in their school book bag. Spellings will be set according to the National Curriculum and will be sent home to practice on a Friday for a spelling test the following Thursday.


British Science Week

Weather Music - Geography