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School Council

Welcome to our School Council Page


Pupil voice is incredibly important at King’s Hill Primary, and we believe that our children should always have the opportunity to say how we can improve their experience at school.

The children went through a selection process and had to apply for the position of School Council representative. They had to present their reasons in front of their class and a vote was taken.


We meet every half term and talk about any issues the children have discussed with their classmates. This is a very useful process, and the minutes are then taken to Mrs Matharu to have a look at. Mrs Matharu then acts upon the issues raised.

Some examples of how School Council have had an impact on how our school is developing are:


* Outside classroom and benches.

* Quiet area in the garden where they can eat lunch in nice weather.

* The opening of a new entrance for Phase 2 children to ease congestion.

* Improved playground resources with play leaders to lead games.

* Exercise equipment in the playground to promote health and wellbeing.


The school council members have made a huge contribution to our ‘Outstanding’ school. In September when the new members are elected, we are continuing the development of our Pupil Voice through increased roles and responsibilities for the children.


The school council had a fantastic and memorable afternoon last week working with The Forest of Mercia, planting trees for our school field. All the children got stuck in with the digging and planting of the trees after a demonstration by two of the staff - Dave and Oscar. The children planted a variety of trees including oak, Hazel, Roland and many more.  


We are looking forward to seeing the trees grow and prosper and the transformation of our school field over the coming years.  

School Councillors 2020 / 2021


The children who were chosen for this year’s council are:

Y6 – Hamza, Anniyah and Malaika

Y5 – James, Brianna and Evie

Y4 – Jianing and Dawid

Y3 – Maymunah and Remiro

Y2 – Danya and Grzegorz


School woodlands

The school council representatives had great fun exploring the woodland area situated near Early Years in our recent school council meeting. The children had the opportunity to explore the area and consider opportunities for development. Over the coming week, the school council representatives will be asking their respective year groups for their ideas ready to present back in the next school council meeting. Watch this space! 

School Councillors 2019 / 2020

The children who were chosen for this year’s council are:

Y6 – Harley and Ellie

Y5 – Ethan, Pebbles, Sami and Molly

Y4 – Sana, Eesah, Brianna and Musaber

Y3 – Brodey, Isabella, Laura and Marco

Y2 – Ayana, Quinton, Archie and India


This term the children have discussed and given feedback on topics that link with food for life and the new playground equipment.


 Feedback on the new playground.




Children really like the obstacle courses, they like all the equipment.

Children like the artificial grass


Feedback on Food for life topic

Children said it was fun and really enjoyed the farm.

Enjoyed making the food/smoothies

Loved the parent workshops

Enjoyed seeing the animals


We have also spoke about Power Maths, power maths is a new scheme that kings hill have implemented.

Feedback on Power Maths

Children like the work, sometimes it’s harder.

Children are learning new things.

Too much thinking

Challenge is harder than the reflect

Children like the different equipment and methods

Power maths is very challenging and brilliant

School Councillors 2018 / 2019

The children who were chosen for this year’s council were:

Y6 – Aakifah, Kaine

Y5 – Tyler, Scarlett, Jahmorie, Mahreen

Y4 – Anu, Fizah, Aisha, Hassan

Y3 – Alfie, Jessie, James, Ashleigh

Y2 – Toby, Destiny, Scarlett and Lavell

School councillors 2017 / 2018 

The children who were chosen for this year’s council were:

Y6 – Aiden, Nahira

Y5 – Julia, Iyanuoluwa, Jayden, Joelyn

Y4 – Chloe, Hana, Callum, Reece

Y3 – Naveed, Zahrah, Taiba, Abraar,

Y2 – Lilly, Aaliyah, Musaber, Zain