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Welcome to Year 6!

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Fairtrade Charity Event – 2nd and 3rd July 2018

We had a fantastic 2 days of Fairtrade awareness at King’s Hill Primary. One of our local Midcounties Co-operative stores donated £10 worth of Fairtrade products, including Teabags, Coffee, Chocolate and Bananas to our school so that Year 6 children could raise awareness of this worthwhile cause.

The whole school took part in the event, raising over £140 by buying cakes, biscuits and drinks made with Fairtrade products.

Many thanks to all those who generously gave 50p to their children to help us acknowledge the issues with being paid a fair wage for doing a days work. Many thanks also to Miss Moore, Mrs Ferns and Mrs Brown for their organisation, cooking and overseeing the event.


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Year 6 Summer Newsletter

Welcome to Year 6