School opens to all pupils on Wednesday 4th September 8.40am
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Kings Hill Primary SchoolWorking Together to Achieve Excellence

Welcome toKings Hill Primary SchoolWorking Together to Achieve Excellence

Who's Who

Head Teacher  Mrs N. Matharu

Deputy Head Mrs Patel

Assistant Head Mrs Hendrix


Phase Leaders Mrs Kingston.  Mrs Lawrence.  Mrs Grainger


Safeguarding Team Miss Mayne.  Mrs Matharu.  Mrs Kingston

Little Rainbows

Class Teacher Miss Patel / Teaching Assistants Miss Halford & Miss Payne


Class Teachers Miss Mayne, Miss Worthington & Miss Fisher / Teaching Assistants Mrs Chauhan, Miss Akhter, Mrs Flanagan-Blakeman, Miss Payne & Miss Johal


RCK - Class Teacher Mrs Kingston / Teaching Assistants Miss Patel, Miss Akhter, Miss Fisher & Miss Johal

RRM - Class Teacher Miss Mistry / Teaching Assistants Miss Halford, Miss Blakemore

Year 1

Y1TH - Class Teacher Mrs Hendrix / Teaching Assistant Miss Taylor 

Y1MC - Class Teacher Mr Chatterley / Teaching Assistant Miss Murphy

Miss Worthington supporting both classes

Year 2

Y2SL- Class Teacher Mrs Lawrence / Teaching Assistants Mrs Begum & Miss Jones

Y2MCA - Class Teacher Mrs McAdam / Teaching Assistants Miss Longmore & Mrs Stawicki 

Year 3

Y3JP - Class Teacher Miss Peck / Teaching Assistant Mrs Brown

Y3AM - Class Teacher Miss Mehan / Teaching Assistant Mrs Chahal

Year 4 

Y4MKC - Class Teacher Mrs Chote / Teaching Assistant Mr Cartwright

Y4KB - Class Teacher Miss Bahra / Teaching Assistant Mrs Ferns

Year 5 

Y5TG - Class Teacher Mrs Grainger / Teaching Assistant Mrs Hough

Y5GD - Class Teacher Miss Dardi / Teaching Assistant Mrs Begum

Year 6 

Class Teachers Mrs Patel, Mrs Hussain & Mr Kapur / Teaching Assistants Miss Hough & Miss Moore