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Kings Hill Primary SchoolWorking Together to Achieve Excellence

Welcome toKings Hill Primary SchoolWorking Together to Achieve Excellence


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Welcome to Rainbows

Teacher – Miss Hough

Support Staff - Miss Cardwell, Mrs A. Begum, Mrs Ilyas


Welcome back to another exciting school year! The children in rainbows are settling well into their new class and into their new routines.


To start the school term, we have focused on a range of different types of art such as 2D mark making, dance and drama. We created collages, experimented with paints and explored moving with props. We were fortunate to go and explore a range of art and take part in art activities at the New Walsall Art Gallery. We had lots of fun creating sculptures from plasticine and plaster casting in clay!



We will look at a variety of writing skills: descriptive writing, emotive language and poetry.



The focus for this half term is place value, addition and subtraction.



The focus is: Where do we live?

The children will be exploring maps: the world map, UK map, drawing maps and how symbols can help us find things.



 We have been finding out about habitats: Where do animals live?



We are looking at Animals from around the world. Each week the children will focus on an animal from a different continent.



Each week children will cook or focus on culinary skills.



We will be looking basic game skills, moving in different directions, moving at different speeds, ball control, and balance.



We will be looking at ‘Being me in my world’: what are my responsibilities and how does my world make me feel?



Homework and Reading is a very important. Could we please ask that you support us by ensuring that your child has completed their homework and returned it to school. Also, that they are reading daily.