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New Horizons Dance Festival

New Horizons Digital Dance Festival

A group of Year 5 children, working with Mrs Hendrix, have created a dance. This dance was filmed by Mr Chatterley to be part of the New Horizons Digital Dance Festival. The film will be showcased during this festival. It will be shown Tuesday 15th December 6.30pm. The length of the festival is around 50 minutes.

You will be able to access the festival by:

Liking Black Country Dance Hubs Facebook Page:

Then click on this page to schedule a reminder: Tuesday 15th December


Subscribe to the Youtube Black Country Dance Hub page, which will help you find the event much easier.

For YouTube, Please click here:

Please do make sure to watch out for updates via Black Country Dance Hub’s social media.

Some important information

Technical Issues: If performers/audience members are watching via BCDH Facebook page live. Depending on the type of platform/device they are using, sometimes Facebook will mute the music. If this happens they must click on the link that will be put in the Facebook chat box at the beginning of the festival. This will re-direct the audience to the Youtube live premiere.

Please minimise other internet use at the same time as watching the New Horizons Premieres (Zoom calls, Netflix, on phones being used in the house at the same time) as this can have an impact on image quality.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Mr Chatterley

Artsmark Co-ordinator